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Friday, July 27, 2007

My diabetes anniversary, a new blog, and a pregnancy update

Today I've had diabetes for 14 years.

I've now had diabetes for more years than I lived without it.

My mom bought me a bunch of maternity clothes to celebrate my anniversary... she's pretty much the only person who makes a big deal of it. Gotta love moms :)

Today the administrative group at work are going on a harbor cruise around San Diego Bay for lunch. Though it's unrelated to my anniversary, I'm enjoying it as a special treat on my "special" day.

My other big news is that I've began a blog on my diabetic pregnancy over at HealthCentral.com. See my first posts, here and here.

I've excited, and a bit nervous because they've designated me the "expert" on diabetes and pregnancy for the site! Krystle, the producer has given me a lot of guidance and made me feel so welcomed, it's already been a wonderful experience.

All is well with the baby and me. I'm really enjoying the second trimester, and generally loving being pregnant. All of the food aversions and nausea had abated, and my energy level is back to normal, or maybe even higher!

Maternity clothes are fun, and I'm really starting to need them around the waist. However, oddly enough, I haven't actually gained any weight yet. My doctor said to relax and be happy about that, when I expressed concern that I hadn't gained the 5-10 pounds all the books recommend. I think that swimming has really helped me stay toned, while obviously some mass is moving to my middle, or else I'd be able to button my pants :)

Blood sugar-wise, my control is pretty darn good. However, every high reading sends me into a bit of a panic, worrying that the little one is being hurt in some way. The doctors have assured me that a solitary high reading isn't going to harm the baby... but still. I'm taking comfort in my latest A1c: 5.0. I guess all the testing and correcting works, even if there are some high blood sugars scattered in there.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Poff Wedding

My little sister got married on Saturday! The wedding was wonderful, the weather perfect... we couldn't have asked for a better day!

Blood sugar "wise" the weekend wasn't great. I didn't feel nervous or stressed, but maybe I was during the actually wedding day, attending to my Matron of Honor duties and all! I houvered around 180 mg/dl for a few hours before dinner, despite constant corrections. I'll write that off to nerves. Then, after testing around 11:00 p.m. and seeing 104 mg/dl, the night of the wedding, I proceeded to leave my meter at our ranch while Dennis, my best friend Michelle, my mom, and I went down the mountain to our hotel. I realized the blundder when I arrived at the hotel, it was after midnight, and I was sleepy. So, I just bolused a half unit figuring I'd rather be low (since I feel my lows quite well) and correct, than run high during the night. I woke up around 7:30 a.m. and felt a little low, I had about 4 pieces of dried apricot. We then stopped by a drive thru coffee stand where I got a decaf latte and a blueberry scone. I bolused three units and hoped for the best. At 10:30 a.m., when we arrived back at the cabin, I was reunited with my beloved meter. Nearly 12 hours without testing was incredibly difficult, but I was rewarded when I tested and saw: 104 mg/dl. Aw, dumb luck!

The only other diabetes related fun this past week was sharing my pump holster with my sister's bridesmaids, who'd never seen such a thing before! Also, I got my upgraded Cozmo pump (I had it delivered to my mom's house). I haven't had a chance to figure out much of the new features, but so far I like that it lets me enter exact carb counts and change boluses by 0.05 a unit instead of just 0.1.
Here are some pictures from the wedding, Enjoy :)

Me, Michelle, Beth
Dennis and Me

Mr. and Mrs. Poff

Michelle and Me at the ceremony site!!