Diabetes Diary

Kelsey's diary about living life with type 1 diabetes.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Gotta love technology!

Lately I've been thinking about our finger stick blood sugar monitors... I'm been reading at different sites that the number we get when we test our blood is actually quite arbitrary. Test twice in one minute and you'll get two different results, which sometimes vary quite a bit.

On Friday evening my husband and I had a wonderful dinner from a new "Good Carb" cookbook my mom got me for Christmas. Beef and spinach burritos! I'll have to post the recipe, because it's great! Anyway, as the cookbook suggests, it's pretty low carb and I went in to dinner with a 92 mg/dl. Great! I gave myself 3 units of insulin and fully expected to need a bedtime snack. We settled in to watch "Super Size Me"- if you haven't seen this film, you have to watch it! We don't eat much fast food as it is, but now I will NEVER eat the junk! It's so sad that the high fat, refined carb food industry spends billions of dollars advertising their products, thus people get fat and have all the corresponding health problems... meanwhile our health care system is falling apart. This is not a good equation!

Anyway... after the movie it's 10 p.m. time for my lantus and my bedtime blood glucose check. It rang in at 305 mg/dl!! What?! First of all I felt kinda low, well not super low, but like I'd need a snack before bed. This couldn't be right. I joked to my husband "maybe the film about all that crappy food actually raised my blood sugar!" I didn't believe my meter so I tested again... 94 mg/dl... yeah, that's more like it. I tested a third time just to make sure. That one was 95. Okay, confirmed.

How crazy is that?! I'm so glad I didn't trust my meter and give myself a correction dose. I would've gone to bed and totally bottomed out. Crazy!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Highs and lows

I just want to rant right now...

So, this weekend my husband and I were up in Northern California for our niece's confirmation. I was her sponsor. We had a lovely weekend, hanging out with family, watching basketball, drinking beer (just a few for me) and relaxing! I had a couple of outrageous blood sugars due to pizza, Mexican food and no exercise (it poured the whole trip).

Back to work Monday and I was still running a little high, but nothing I couldn't correct. I noticed my humalog looked a little cloudy, so I started a new vial last night. I've still had a few weird highs. Two hours after lunch today I was 213 mg/dl, even though I did 1-2 units more insulin for lunch than I'd usually need (knowing that I've been high and not being happy about it!) I gave myself 2 units of humalog our of sheer frustration!! So, I'm doing the mail this afternoon and feeling low... sure enough at 4:30 pm I tested and was 48 mg/dl! Opps! Didn't really need 2 units to bring it down!

I guess I'm realizing that those carefree, throwing caution to the wind and eating what I want, drinking what I want and not exercising, weekends are not going to be apart of my life! It's not so much the days of relaxing that do me in, but they can lead to a high streak (or as my husband called it, a "tailspin") that is so frustrating!!

Now I'm off to read for a few hours, then to the grocery store... the schedule I have to keep for the next 6 weeks in order to get all my school work done is insane, literally, I might go insane!