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Kelsey's diary about living life with type 1 diabetes.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Dietician

Hello O.C. Family! I hope everyone has fun plans ahead for the Labor Day weekend. Dennis and I will be settling into our new place! I'm sure that sounds like drudgery to many people, but I love "nesting" and organizing, so I'm really looking forward to 3 days of unpacking and setting up our new home. Last night we started painting the baby's room :) It's a soft, mint green... very cute!

Anyway, what's up with the post title?! I'm hoping you'll stop by
HealthCentral.com and read my latest post about my recent dietician appointment. I think my fellow diabetics will appreciate my justifiable gripe! Anyone else have a dietician horror story to share? :)

To be fair, my next post will discuss all the important info I learned from the dietician. I'm back to meal planning and carb restrictions. Oh joy!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Happy Friday O.C.!

Now that I'm writing professionally :) about diabetes and pregnancy over at HealthCentral.com. I think I'll use Kelsey's Diabetes Diary as an outlet for my less organized ramblings... things only my faithful O.C. family might appreciate!

I have felt incredible joy lately. I don't know if it's the pregnancy "glow" or what, but life feels very full, productive, and inspiring lately. Of course planning for our child is central to our hopes for the future! My diabetes care and the pregnancy itself are great! I already boasted about my low A1c, but more than that, all of the baby's tests have come back wonderfully, as well as the test on my kidney function. My weight gain has been very modest, while my belly has grown substantially! I'm swimming 4 days a week which feels great and is keeping me quite fit.

Also, we decided to move into a larger place. Initially, I figured we'd be fine in our one bedroom apartment with the baby, for at least 6-9 months. However, we started having some service issues with our current residence, and figured we'd look around for a two bedroom. We only checked into one place, and it turned out to be perfect! 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, in an adorable neighborhood right next to downtown. We hit it off with the condo owners and are set to move in at the end of the month!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE organizing! So, moving right now is really fun! I'm in this major clear clutter mode, which is making me feel very productive. Between my undergrad and grad programs, both in the humanities realm, I've collected hundreds of books. I've been sorting through them and donating some to our local library, while selling some of the textbooks! I'm still keeping a sizable collection, but it's nice to pare down, and make room for some new books!

Part of my clutter clearing craze (whoa, alliteration!) is my new realization that stuff just doesn't matter that much. If something isn't useful, why have it? I loved this line I heard the other day: "If you have to put something in storage, that means you don't use it." Aha! Light bulb moment for me. I really want to establish this kind of mindset toward "stuff" with our children. Spoiled kids drive me crazy! I want to raise kiddos that appreciate their possessions and recognize how darn lucky they are in the whole scheme of things. Donating items so other people can use them just makes me feel great!

Anyway, it's been very fun and productive preparing for this move, the baby, and basically a whole new chapter in the Bonilla family's life. Also, my mom is moving to San Diego in 2 weeks!! It's going to be great to be able to visit with her whenever I want, and to watch her experience this new adventure in her own life. Plus, our little one is going to benefit from having an amazing grandma, while Dennis and I'll get the occasional night out :) It's very exciting!

I guess to sum up, I'm in "nesting" mode... looking within at our life, what we want to create for our children, preparing our home, etc. It's fun, it's fulfilling.

Life is good.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Waiting on Insulin...

Yesterday I did a site change after my breakfast bolus. The number of units I was able to use from that change? 2.3 units. Yes, I was that low on insulin.

Because of a bunch of factors, including some insulin going bad in the Central California heat last month, a nurse calling in the wrong prescription to my mail order pharmacy, and general incompetence by said mail order pharmacy, I was making my current supply of insulin last as long as possible.

Actually, I had amazing numbers last week because I was watching my carb intake, and avoiding highs, which would require larger amounts of insulin to correct.

However, my luck ran out Tuesday morning. I couldn't possibly make it through the day, much less the morning with 2.3 units of insulin. (By the way, I didn't realize how much insulin it takes to prime a pump! What a waste!!) My order of 5 vials of Humalog was due to arrive the following afternoon. Argh!

I called my two favorite people in the world right now, (other than you, honey!) June and Michelle, the CDEs at the Diabetes and Pregnancy Group. Michelle called me back as soon as she got into work and put in a prescription for one vial at my local pharmacy.

By 10 a.m. I was up and running with new insulin, and a much happier disposition. :)

If you have a minute, check out my latest post at HealthCentral.com. It chronicles my quest to Prepare my body for baby.

I'm now 17 weeks along, and the baby is the size of a large avocado!