Diabetes Diary

Kelsey's diary about living life with type 1 diabetes.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Thigh Sites

I have a question for all of you pumpers out there...

On Saturday, I inserted my first thigh site. I was pretty pleased with myself :)

However, over the last couple of days, I've noticed a delay in insulin absorption. I'm had some highs after meals, and my correction boluses are definitely taking longer to kick in that they did in my stomach sites. Is this typical?!

I've resorted to giving myself insulin injections in the tummy to bring highs down, which is inevitably followed by lows (rage boluses, I must admit.)

Anyway, anyone have some insight into the thigh site issue?! What do you do to counteract the absorption delay... just bolus earlier?

Thanks everyone :)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Emergency Room Visit

I spent the early hours of Thursday morning in the emergency room.

Fortunately, my ailment had nothing to do with diabetes. I've been ignoring a nagging knee injury for the last couple months. I'm pretty sure I twisted my left knee doing Tae-bo in my living room. Man, I really need a better story! Anyway, if you're wondering, doing roundhouse kicks and sidekicks on carpeting is not a good idea. Your plant leg cannot be completely steady, allowing your knee to twist unnaturally.

Anyway, since life was hectic with school and work, I figured I'd just wait to have my knee checked. I'd workout occasionally, but always with a couple days of rest in between.

Last week, I jogged a couple of miles on the treadmill on Tuesday. I felt fine on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, I couldn't straighten my left leg or put any weight on it. I freaked out! It's very scary not to be able to walk, when you were painless just hours before.

Dennis figured out which ER we should go to, and drove me right over. In hindsight, we probably only needed an urgent care center, not the ER, and luckily the hospital was nice enough to bill us accordingly, saving us $75 in copay fees.

The doctors tested my knee (mostly just pulling and pushing and asking me if it hurt) and concluded that I probably have a tear in my meniscus. They referred me to the orthopedic clinic, which couldn't fit me in for an appointment for a week. So, I spent Thursday through Sunday laying on the couch, icing and elevating my knee. I learned how to use crutches. Dennis and I watched a lot of movies and the NBA Playoffs.

I've been back to work for three days now, wearing a huge brace to immobilize my knee. Very cool...

So, tomorrow I will probably have an MRI and find out whether I'll need surgery to repair my meniscus. I know it's a really routine procedure, but hopefully it'll heal on its own. Anyone have experience with this kind of injury?!

I learned a valuable lesson through all of this, to take better care of my body! Last year I had a TERRIBLE sunburn and got heat stroke (on a separate occasion), now this knee thing. I tend to feel invincible and thus, do stupid things that cause myself unnecessary pain. I really need to be nicer to my body.... that way, it'll be nice to me :)